Way Too Much (Creative Sway Day)

Oh how Ive felt too much joy and inspiration to contain myself.
I'm this short of insane. I'm finding myself completely consumed with the images and sounds in Arcade Fire music videos. Scenes From the Suburbs is a short movie about to come out in the coming months. It's based on Arcade Fires most recent(and most brilliant) album The Suburbs. If it wasn't enough for the album itself to knock the life out of me with the spirit it captures and its rapturous sound now there is a movie embodying the albums very soul.

To check out clips from Scenes from the Suburbs while subsequently watching the music video for The Suburbs by Arcade Fire click here.

Now to explain what the presence of that strange doodle above means. That is my doodle, one I'm quite fond of. This lovely(and some might say creepy) little thing is the sum of the inspiration that radiates from my intrigue in folk art, the forest, and the memories of my younger years in Pennsylvania.

This particular one is me and my cousin. We were very close as young children and I drew us as the animals that I most picture us as; a brown wolf (me) and a crow (my cousin). There is a creepy element to this and I could go on for ages why that is and why were are the animals I drew us as but its a tad personal. Sadly too much for a blog I'm afraid.

This one of a white rabbit is not directly inspired by me or any one of my cousins. It too is a child but I think its more embodying that cute shyness that little children have. I feel it has a deeper meaning but I haven't quite yet pinpointed what that is. If it looks like its praying its not, its in no way meant to me religious.

These drawings will no doubt be a series and every now and then you will see more. They come from deep down however so I cant just pop one out at will.

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