Fashion Night Out.

Introducing my partner in crime, Cosmo. He helps me with odds and ends here and there, he is even my salesman. If I ever move out he will be my roommate.

Blurry as this picture is, its the best I got to show you my dress for the night. I got it about a year ago at Anthropologie. Anthropologie is actually where we set out to celebrate Fashion Night Out last night, it was somewhat misleading however. They made it sound as if they had all these events planned out but the "fashion show" was just workers in their fall catalogs clothing.
When we finally figured out that walking around and eating the pita bread was about as good as it was going to get we set off to Urban Outfitters across the street. I know, same company but who cares I haven't been there in a while and I felt like checking it out. This of course lead to mustacheod rabbits as you can see from this picture.

Fun ensued. I found a phone in case it wasn't obvious. Then I walked home barefoot because my heel/wedges were killing me.



In music word of mouth is ultimately the best way to gain recognition of any kind. These guys up here, Nurses, really need it. Now about a year ago I bought all this crap at Urban Outfitters(one of my favorites) and they gave me this card for 25 free songs that were relatively new and indie. The one song that really stood out was Caterpillar Playground by these guys right here. Never have a heard a more perfectly foresty and creepy track.

So I suggest you check em out and if you like what you hear spread the word! Thats how this stuff works!. This interview will tell you more and you can hear their single Caterpillar Playground

I made a fan page on Facebook

Their Myspace

Nurses Wiki



Ah, the September Issue. Truly a gift of clarity, I found a particular item in the Nordstrom section(something I usually condemn) that inspired this cardigan. At least I think its a cardigan, eh, its debatable. Now, I am not sure if I am going to sell this yet because I have limited fabric and can at most produce two. Its a particular knit that I have never seen before and don't expect to find anywhere else, it was given to me from my fashion teacher a while ago.

Lately, Ive found that my inspirations have been falling delightfully into place one by one so Ive been putting together a nice moodboard. One of the driving forces in this is the lovely Broken Bells debut cd. Now, I'm a super fan of the Shins which means that when i heard that James Mercer(lead singer of The Shins) and his good friend Danger Mouse did a Marvel team up for a side project band I was ecstatic. This is perhaps the best side project band since the Postal Service. Listen and love http://soundcloud.com/search?q[fulltext]=broken+bells