The Harriet Top

Tada, new shirt. This time I'm showing you a few work in progress pictures as well, unfortunately they uploaded in descending order and I'm in too much of a rush to fix that. So this is all you get today but I'm sure the pictures speak for themselves anyway. I gotta go now, my friends impatiently waiting to get dinner.


Playing a Little Catch Up

I can now show you the sweet fruit of my horrid and exhausting month of October and what Ive been up to so far in November.

Lady Gaga Caution Tape Body Suit.

Doing this was no easy task. I first had to make fabric out of a role of caution tape by sewing together pleats and cutting those up to sew them back together as 5" rotated squares for one side and for the other sewing unpleted strips of caution tape to pleated strips. Then I called my unsuspecting client over and kept her 3 hours where I literally formed the entire thing around her. I cannot explain how I did this, all I know is it was done under the apparently effective cocktail of stress, desperation, exhaustion, and determination. The next day, I put in the zipper and satin lining(without any patters, also dont know how I did that) and she picked it up later that night.


She did her wig and wrapped the caution tape around her head and leg and such and apparently this website(name on the bottom left of the picture) snapped a photo of her. Needless to say she was very happy, and so was I because I stuck it through to the end and I MADE IT BABY!

The very next day I went to the Fun. concert(check em out, their newbies with tasty talent) rather exhausted but happy I had time to enjoy myself.

Also I went out and bought clay, I love sculpting little things. Ive been meaning to do this to make wall ornaments and other things and then I found myself making what is soon to be a necklace.

Its all foresty, mushrooms, logs, squiggly green plant things. I need paints though, its a work in progress.

Then I sold a few Megan Tees I needed to get rid of, I put em on sale. I dont believe Ive showed this before but the first time a customer buys something from me they get a unique cloth shopping bag with my logo on it. Heres two examples.

My model will be coming tomorrow and Ill show it then. I also got the whole work in progress in pictures to show you(drafting, pinning, cutting)

Well thats it, were all caught up to the present now. Check back tomorrow for the shirt : )


Bleh. Checking in.

Okay, I'm tired, I'm sore, and I'm taking a break. Its been a crazy busy month and thats why Ive posted nothing in a long time even though Ive made my first pair of jeans and some costumes for customers. I took a too many responsiblites and Ive just hit a wall, I only have a little left to do but after that I'm just going to relax and go crazy making all the lovely clothes I can imagine( and post them of course).

However I must address my disappointment that Gretchen won Project Runway. I was really rooting for Mondo, but I do admit Gretchen did really good.


Fashion Night Out.

Introducing my partner in crime, Cosmo. He helps me with odds and ends here and there, he is even my salesman. If I ever move out he will be my roommate.

Blurry as this picture is, its the best I got to show you my dress for the night. I got it about a year ago at Anthropologie. Anthropologie is actually where we set out to celebrate Fashion Night Out last night, it was somewhat misleading however. They made it sound as if they had all these events planned out but the "fashion show" was just workers in their fall catalogs clothing.
When we finally figured out that walking around and eating the pita bread was about as good as it was going to get we set off to Urban Outfitters across the street. I know, same company but who cares I haven't been there in a while and I felt like checking it out. This of course lead to mustacheod rabbits as you can see from this picture.

Fun ensued. I found a phone in case it wasn't obvious. Then I walked home barefoot because my heel/wedges were killing me.



In music word of mouth is ultimately the best way to gain recognition of any kind. These guys up here, Nurses, really need it. Now about a year ago I bought all this crap at Urban Outfitters(one of my favorites) and they gave me this card for 25 free songs that were relatively new and indie. The one song that really stood out was Caterpillar Playground by these guys right here. Never have a heard a more perfectly foresty and creepy track.

So I suggest you check em out and if you like what you hear spread the word! Thats how this stuff works!. This interview will tell you more and you can hear their single Caterpillar Playground

I made a fan page on Facebook

Their Myspace

Nurses Wiki



Ah, the September Issue. Truly a gift of clarity, I found a particular item in the Nordstrom section(something I usually condemn) that inspired this cardigan. At least I think its a cardigan, eh, its debatable. Now, I am not sure if I am going to sell this yet because I have limited fabric and can at most produce two. Its a particular knit that I have never seen before and don't expect to find anywhere else, it was given to me from my fashion teacher a while ago.

Lately, Ive found that my inspirations have been falling delightfully into place one by one so Ive been putting together a nice moodboard. One of the driving forces in this is the lovely Broken Bells debut cd. Now, I'm a super fan of the Shins which means that when i heard that James Mercer(lead singer of The Shins) and his good friend Danger Mouse did a Marvel team up for a side project band I was ecstatic. This is perhaps the best side project band since the Postal Service. Listen and love http://soundcloud.com/search?q[fulltext]=broken+bells



Well I needed a new backpack for collage. I supposed a messenger bag would be best and then I thought hmm......Space Invaders, yes what else.

Still I wasn't satisfied and halfway through I felt the need to make more nerdy. I then proceeded to add "DFTBA" and the Nerdfighters symbol on the inside flap so its the first thing you see when you open it up. If you do not know what a Nerdfighter or DFTBA is well I could explain it to you or I could just give you this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyQi79aYfxU



Yup new shirt for sale. I am quite happy with the finished product. Right now I have 3 in stock, 2 of which are navy and smalls, and one that is a medium light brown. First three to ask for it get it but fear not I will always be making more and I will let you know when a new batch springs up. If your local I can drop it off to you or you can pick it up, If not there will be a extra shipping charge.

I don't intend to make this blog strictly business and I have no idea if this idea will work but hey, thats what I'm here to find out.

Also you might want to click on the picture for a bigger view of it.

If you are interested in purchasing this shirt but do not have a blog or have further questions send me a email at rockthehouse.clothing@gmail.com. Thanks!



I am curretnly pulling together 6 or so designs and will start to construct them soon. I plan to make at least 3 of each and hope to successfully sell them on the blog and locally. I will post up what they look like one by one but they wont be on sale until I get them on models and make a nice photo shoot to post up here.

Now if this at all intrests any of the few people reading my blog I would keep posted if I were you because the earliest I will sell them is late this month. I am also planning to spruce up this boring pictureless blog after I get it all palnned out.

So untill then my lovely viewers( if there are any) I will post again with somthing actually interesting soon.


Trying Somthing New.

In a week and a half I will graduate from high school. It occured to me while looking at a designers blog that I could make one myself and show and talk about my clothes. With that I might just be able to do some networking and make people aware of my existence as a amateur fashion designer learning to make clothes.

In the meantime how about I start off by letting you some things about me:
  1. I am 18.
  2. I have taken fashion 1,2, and 3 in high school.
  3. currently unemployed.
  4. I got accepted into SCAD to take a fashion major but I will unfortunatly not be going this year.
  5. Just for fun, my favorite designer was Dior and my favorite brand is Diesel.