Fibonacci(Creative Sway Day)

Im a bit in the mood for math today which I am sure disappoints the majority of you, my readers, on this day.

The thing is at my current state I'm quite average at math which leaves me feeling rather unfulfilled, and due to the large number of my mathematically inclined friends I additionally feel quite inadequate as well.

This is especially distressing for me since I love math. I see numbers as things that are alive. Something I came to understand as a 10 year old girl just starting to learn algebra in the 5th grade is that beauty is that all the beauty in the world is math. It mimics the actions and thought processes of humans because math IS the abstract incarnation of our human thought processes. So everyday all I see are the ways of the universe pushing and pulling as they always do in the form of math.

However no textbook told me this in school, this was just my own realization. I watched as others only saw the cold and drab side of math that the textbook offered and thusly acquired a permanent distaste for it. The textbooks were never much use to me and my teachers only recited their lesson plans in the same soulless tone as the book.

So I sit here a disappointingly average math student. However, I have graduated high school and am currently taking a break from college as I apply for Savannah College of Art and Design. This ironically means I actually have the time to learn math! There are books out there that speak math to me in the language it was intended to be spoken in. A book of this very breed that I am currently reading is Mathematics for the Nonmathematician by Morris Klein which was so kindly given to me as a going away present by my good friend David.

Now, to show you an example of the way I see math.

The Fibonacci Sequence.

It manifests itself in nature quite often.

You should go check it out.

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