Silliness(Creative Sway Day)

Well hello all, it's been too long.

Today my dears I shall talk to you about something that not too long ago a Vlogbrother said was a under appreciated value: silliness.

Unfortunately most dictionaries would define the word as such;


lack of good sense or judgment
However silliness is much much more. True, a silly word or action is something that can have nothing to do with what is currently being said or done but its a very necessary human expression (and one that a practice quite often). While being serious has its uses being silly is just as important. If you take life too seriously, no matter for what reason, you almost certainly wont be enjoying it. Silliness is a healing state of mind. It frees you and relives stress. Bold absurdity in the face of a world trying to hide the fact that it makes no sense is just honesty. I say this because no matter who you are, be you a brilliant scientist or the most ignorant man in the world, you still have those moments where you stop what your doing and think "The universe is just really weird."
As a example and a expression of this I give you this:

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